Carton Brewing Cosmonaut 4 pack 12 oz. - The Vineyard
757 Turnpike St. (Inside Stop & Shop Supermarket) - North Andover MA 01845 - 978-688-5005
Carton Brewing Cosmonaut 4 pack 12 oz.
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Carton Brewing Cosmonaut

4 pack 12 oz.
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Category Stout
Region United States, New Jersey
Brand Carton Brewing
Alcohol/vol 10%
Super Galena hops early in the boil bring a strawberry touch. Russian imperial stouts have a dark chocolate presence with vanilla nuance; quite pleasing when accented by a bold hop addition. Our walk around this space had us skirting the territory of those three tone blocks of supermarket ice cream. All we needed was an ingredient you can ferment that would push those notions without running over the beer-ness of the flavors. We turned to that classic museum snack, freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream. Drink Cosmonaut because exploration is what it's all about.