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Secrets REVEALED: Choosing Wine for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

If you ask us to pick The Perfect Wine for Turkey, our truthful answer is: “All wines go with turkey, but none of them are perfect.” There are just too many flavors in a traditional Turkey dinner to match with one wine. Our answer to the turkey conundrum is “Drink what you like to drink." If you like Chardonnay, get a Chard. Love Zin? Go with it. Are you a Pinot Noir aficionado? Then Pinot is an excellent choice. Just about anything goes. But, our best piece of advice is "More is Better." Having Enough wine and a Selection of wines is more important than having The Perfect wine. Providing several wine choices for your guests is better than betting your whole meal (and reputation) on One Wine! 

Here are our suggestions that we think are the best matches and biggest crowd pleasers. We’ll be giving thanks with these this Thanksgiving.

Eat, drink and enjoy the holiday!

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